Monday, April 4, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

After a long month of struggling to get painting, I've finally finished a piece!. I suppose every artist goes through a phase where no matter how hard you try you just can't paint, think of an idea and just struggle getting a piece done. I actually hope I'm over it now and you will all see much more paintings in the future:).

So here it is, my new piece: A Midsummer Night's Dream!
11X17 Watercolour and some white gouache for highlights.
Some up close shots

So I decided to take some W.I.P shots, just to show you all how I get to one spot to another, personally, I love looking at other artists w.i.p, everyone works differently and it's just fun to see.

Pencil sketch on Arches watercolour board. It was my first time working on watercolour board, I really liked it, not good for doing sketches on first though, I don't think the paper holds too well.
Sorry for the lousy picture, I had to darken these as the sketches are very light when I do them.
My messy table and my first splash of paint.

I decided to work my way around the outside first then working in, the last to be worked on would be the people, since they are my favorite to paint.
again, my messy table, I just finished the tree trunk here. My favorite mug is in this's for camping but I use it all the time, keeps my tea nice and hot for hours(which is great because I always forget about my tea until I'm done painting), I love it!
just a closer shot and I painted the bushes at the bottom of the painting. This is where I stopped taking pictures 'cause really, I just wanted this it but I was ready to work on something else.
This is getting used for the poster in this years Enchanted Ground Festival:) you can find out more info on the festival here: I'm looking forward to this years festival! I know it's going to be amazing and I miss doing festivals and art shows!! the season is ready to begin and I can't wait:)
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