Monday, July 25, 2011

Sketch Fest #16

This is my sketch from this months Sketch Fest, prompt: Beautiful Dream.
I pictured a knight getting lost in some magical forest, seeing her...a beautiful magical elf, thinking he was dreaming.

She's 5X7 on illustration board, I'm going to clear Gesso her and then paint her in oils...the problem with this plan is that I have NO idea how to paint in oils...looks like I got to try it on something:)
It will be a bit of an adventure...I'm excited! let's hope I make it out with success!
More on Sketch Fest: Sketch Fest Website


  1. Elf you drew is beautiful. No wonder knight got a thing for her.

    Have nice summerdays
    greetings from Finland (autumngirl from livejournal)

  2. Thanks so much Niina:) nice to see you here on Blogger:) I miss posting on LJ, will have to do some more personal posts there soon:)


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