Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A few of my favorite things(Just some random fun)

I decided since it's the beginning of February that I should do a little cleaning of my studio space, air it out a bit and just clean the tornado that decided to rampage my room.
 I then decided I wanted to take some pictures of some of my favorite things I got not too long ago, perhaps to kill a bit of time and make cleaning just a bit fun.

First lets start with my cappuccino, I don't drink coffee...well I USED to not drink coffee...regular coffee no, but after my trip to Europe I couldn't help but fall in love with it, I don't drink it that often but when I do...YUM!!!
Just like the Cappuccino, this is not art related but FUN! I have been eyeing these shoes for a year but could not justify spending lots of money on them(I really don't care for shoes, I buy what I need). One day I went in and they were on sale:) they do have my name all over them, I have some weird love for things that remind me of ugly couches.

This here is a double favorite! I already said that I don't care for shoes...well same goes for jewellery...who knew this year was going to teach me something I didn't really know about myself:) I DO like shoes and jewellery! my inner girl as stepped up...I can't say my husband approves lol!.
Trollbeads- I adore them!!! who knew!! they are cute and fun to collect:) not to mention wear:).
Then there is my calligraphy pen and ink bottle that I got when I went to Venice last year. LOVE!!!! and the ink bottle is sooo gorgeous, it's nice to know I will be able to keep refilling it and use it over and over...not to mention my Trollbeads look so pretty on it.

Okay, of course there is my paint boxes I have 8 lovelies all together and I'm not going to lie, there will be more!(I have an addiction lol). here's my newest Schmincke which will stay in the studio and my smaller Schmincke(not pictured) will travel everywhere with me. The other is my paintbox filled with my favorite non Schmincke paints such as Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton and M.Graham paints FUN!

Now I got this set for Christmas this year(lucky gal I know) and I love everything about it!!! usually, I only see student sets but it was nice that they made a Winsor and Newton Artist set! I love it and I love the paints, though I have to get used to painting with acrylics again:). Comes with so much!!!

Now comes my cleaned(well as clean as I wanted to be) Studio. There is still snow out there though we are having the weirdest weather of snow then rain, cold then warm temps. So odd.
Anyways, I took two photos, both looking different because of the lighting change coming from my windows.
                                  Not so bright, though in the Studio I get tons of beautiful natural light.

Now that my Studio is clean I can get back to working...though I just finished one of my paintings yesterday:). I've got to fix the colours to look like the original...I have no idea how to do this on Photoshop and will have to learn somehow, still, I might post it soon because I hate keeping paintings from you all:).

Happy February!


  1. that ink bottle really is beauuutiful!
    yay for a clean studio! :)

    1. I'm so happy I got that bottle when I did and it will forever remind me of Venice:)
      I LOVE the pics of your bright! I miss summer:)

  2. Mmm that cappuccino looks delicious! And I love those troll beads. And WOW is your studio ever big! *envious*


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