Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh how I miss you...

Today I find myself really missing my old studio, it was the most perfect studio in the world.
Even though I miss it I'm just happy that I got to live and work in such an amazing place.
My studio these days is much smaller and does not have the most amazing view of Faeryland but I'm still just as happy because no matter where I am, I create magic:).

Friday, August 10, 2012

Featured Artist interview and New Art:)

9X12 Watercolour on Stonehenge paper

Finally got one done!!!:) Hopefully there will be more paintings to come but for now I need to pack for my move(not looking forward to that)

I will also have a giveaway set up once I hit 500 likes on my Facebook page(check out my sidebar and like the page if you haven't already:D)

I'm also the Featured Artist for this months blog interview from Cruzines! you can check that out right here:):READ ME:)
I will post some more updates soon but first I need to get everything settled here because it's been one wild ride! Hope you all are enjoying the summer:)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Art on the Streets

I know I'm not around a lot but trust me I've been busy! WOW!
I'll be at the Guelph's 10th annual Art On The Streets this Saturday July 14th!!
I know it's going to be amazing as it is every year, I love this show! I also know that it's going to be a very hot one out there so find something to keep you cool and join me in the fun:). I'll be soaking it up with a ice cold foot bath, something my husband came up with to keep me cool:) since being pregnant I have not been able to handle heat! it's insane!!, so I'm doing everything I can:). 
As always you can bribe me with some chocolate but ice water would be just as wonderful! I know!! what happened lol!.

Back to getting some art ready and painting...such a slow process as of late, sorry folks:(.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Dreams

YAY!! New Artwork!!!

In Dreams
Watercolour on Stonehenge paper.

The Moon was filled with hope and joy.
Glowing brighter then ever before.
Lighting the way for magical dreams.

Inspired by my little baby growing in my belly:)

I will have prints for you all soon, probably through Etsy once I open it again as I am currently updating the website:)
I will also have them for this weekend at the Markham Music Fest: Markham Fest site as well as some super deals:) come say hi if your around the area:).

Until next time I will continue on painting:)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Almost Time!!

Faery Fests Enchanted Ground Festival is almost here!!! and I will be there as always:). It's going to be an amazing year! and I might add that the Goblins have been wanting to take over for quite a while;).
For more info visit: Faery Fest

I'll hopefully post soon with more great updates it's been pretty busy here but well worth the wait:).

More paintings to come soon!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wind Blossom and Artist of the Month

Wind Blossom
8X10, Watercolour.

I am also the Artist of the Month at Artistic Dreams Imaging!
you can check out my artist interview here:Artist Interview
My tubes are all 25% off for the month of March! check them out here:Tubes

Working on some more paintings and sketches, will post as soon as I can:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A few of my favorite things(Just some random fun)

I decided since it's the beginning of February that I should do a little cleaning of my studio space, air it out a bit and just clean the tornado that decided to rampage my room.
 I then decided I wanted to take some pictures of some of my favorite things I got not too long ago, perhaps to kill a bit of time and make cleaning just a bit fun.

First lets start with my cappuccino, I don't drink coffee...well I USED to not drink coffee...regular coffee no, but after my trip to Europe I couldn't help but fall in love with it, I don't drink it that often but when I do...YUM!!!
Just like the Cappuccino, this is not art related but FUN! I have been eyeing these shoes for a year but could not justify spending lots of money on them(I really don't care for shoes, I buy what I need). One day I went in and they were on sale:) they do have my name all over them, I have some weird love for things that remind me of ugly couches.

This here is a double favorite! I already said that I don't care for shoes...well same goes for jewellery...who knew this year was going to teach me something I didn't really know about myself:) I DO like shoes and jewellery! my inner girl as stepped up...I can't say my husband approves lol!.
Trollbeads- I adore them!!! who knew!! they are cute and fun to collect:) not to mention wear:).
Then there is my calligraphy pen and ink bottle that I got when I went to Venice last year. LOVE!!!! and the ink bottle is sooo gorgeous, it's nice to know I will be able to keep refilling it and use it over and over...not to mention my Trollbeads look so pretty on it.

Okay, of course there is my paint boxes I have 8 lovelies all together and I'm not going to lie, there will be more!(I have an addiction lol). here's my newest Schmincke which will stay in the studio and my smaller Schmincke(not pictured) will travel everywhere with me. The other is my paintbox filled with my favorite non Schmincke paints such as Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton and M.Graham paints FUN!

Now I got this set for Christmas this year(lucky gal I know) and I love everything about it!!! usually, I only see student sets but it was nice that they made a Winsor and Newton Artist set! I love it and I love the paints, though I have to get used to painting with acrylics again:). Comes with so much!!!

Now comes my cleaned(well as clean as I wanted to be) Studio. There is still snow out there though we are having the weirdest weather of snow then rain, cold then warm temps. So odd.
Anyways, I took two photos, both looking different because of the lighting change coming from my windows.
                                  Not so bright, though in the Studio I get tons of beautiful natural light.

Now that my Studio is clean I can get back to working...though I just finished one of my paintings yesterday:). I've got to fix the colours to look like the original...I have no idea how to do this on Photoshop and will have to learn somehow, still, I might post it soon because I hate keeping paintings from you all:).

Happy February!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello New Beginnings

                                              A view from my studio peaceful.

2012, what can I say, it seems like it's going to be a fantastic year!. I don't now why I always feel this way, but I always feel like I'm starting fresh again, a new beginning. I'm looking forward to the new year and what it holds for me.

What I'm currently working on now, and yes, they are both the same picture. the original is the small 5X7. I started her in acrylics...YIKES!!! I'm not sure how much I'm liking her, but I will be finishing her in oils, since it's a new year I figured why not give some other mediums a go...I've never used oils before so this will be a bit of a challenge. As for Acrylics, well, I started with those, I used to paint portraits with them, though I have to admit, I'm out of practice...practice makes perfect though. the larger piece is watercolour, my love:) I made a bigger version of her to paint to see the difference from watercolour and oils...I'm interested to see what I(and all of you) like best. fingers crossed, who knows maybe I will find a new love in oil paints.

My new watercolours which I got in Austria!:D!!!!!
Yeah, I know, I have a smaller Schmincke box here...but really, they are my favorite paints in the world!. I wanted the larger paint box for my studio(which is where it will stay) as for the smaller paint box, that will come with me on trips(which I will be doing more of this year). One day I promise you I will post a picture of all my painting mediums:), I love seeing other artists studios and their paints so I will show mine to you all one day too! maybe when it gets warmer here.
I've already opened them and started painting with it, what a beautiful colourful mess I'm making!
I'm so happy to get mine and in pans(something not easily found in North America but everywhere in Europe) regardless if you use pans or tubes(both in my opinion are fantastic) what are your favourite paints?
Mine are obviously Schmincke, then I would have to say Daniel Smith(those gorgeous colours they have!).

I'm off to paint some more...wish me luck with the oils and of course any tips are always appreciated:) fat over lean...fat over lean;)
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