Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello New Beginnings

                                              A view from my studio peaceful.

2012, what can I say, it seems like it's going to be a fantastic year!. I don't now why I always feel this way, but I always feel like I'm starting fresh again, a new beginning. I'm looking forward to the new year and what it holds for me.

What I'm currently working on now, and yes, they are both the same picture. the original is the small 5X7. I started her in acrylics...YIKES!!! I'm not sure how much I'm liking her, but I will be finishing her in oils, since it's a new year I figured why not give some other mediums a go...I've never used oils before so this will be a bit of a challenge. As for Acrylics, well, I started with those, I used to paint portraits with them, though I have to admit, I'm out of practice...practice makes perfect though. the larger piece is watercolour, my love:) I made a bigger version of her to paint to see the difference from watercolour and oils...I'm interested to see what I(and all of you) like best. fingers crossed, who knows maybe I will find a new love in oil paints.

My new watercolours which I got in Austria!:D!!!!!
Yeah, I know, I have a smaller Schmincke box here...but really, they are my favorite paints in the world!. I wanted the larger paint box for my studio(which is where it will stay) as for the smaller paint box, that will come with me on trips(which I will be doing more of this year). One day I promise you I will post a picture of all my painting mediums:), I love seeing other artists studios and their paints so I will show mine to you all one day too! maybe when it gets warmer here.
I've already opened them and started painting with it, what a beautiful colourful mess I'm making!
I'm so happy to get mine and in pans(something not easily found in North America but everywhere in Europe) regardless if you use pans or tubes(both in my opinion are fantastic) what are your favourite paints?
Mine are obviously Schmincke, then I would have to say Daniel Smith(those gorgeous colours they have!).

I'm off to paint some more...wish me luck with the oils and of course any tips are always appreciated:) fat over lean...fat over lean;)


  1. Can you get Schmincke paints in Canada? I'm interested to try.

    1. Hey Rosie, not that I know of, but I got my first set from Dick Blick they have all the sizes of paint boxs as well as tubes. as for shipping to Canada, they are standard and I've made big orders from them and I had no problems with customs. If you get them let me know what you think, they are my absolute favorite:)Daniel Smith comes a close second(shipping with them is great too) I know they are having a huge sale right now...unfortunately they don't sell Schmincke...they should:).


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