Monday, February 1, 2010


Here's my last piece I finished from January:)
9X12watercolour,coloured pencil,ink and iridescent acrylic paint(which you can only see on the original)
it's my first angel! so I hope you all like it:)

I also took about 4 W.I.P pics so here they are:

so here I finished the background(which wasn't much)and started with adding some texture to the wings, adding the darker shades to my angel and a light wash to get the feel of what skin tone to use.

here I worked on the shading on the face.

now I added more green to the wings...again for more texture and colour, as well I did my first darker wash on her face and body(I like mixing my own skin tones, to me it adds more depth).

and here I added a darker wash to her face and body...then my camera died and I was too lazy to charge...sorry:)but it gives everyone a little idea on how I do things...I'm pretty bad at explaining, so I'm sorry for that, but any questions are welcome:).
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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