Thursday, April 8, 2010

my wee studio table:)

I was trying to take pictures for a WIP but I ALWAYS take just one picture(I hate stopping when I'm just get into this zone). Oh well, at least you can see a bit of my table:)In this particular painting I only used my Schmincke paints instead of a few different brands. That blue vase thingy in the back holding my pens and such...I made it(and so proud of it). I have my chocolate-ginger altoids in case I need a wee snack, as well I use the tins afterwards to hold my stray watercolour pans, it's great to travel with too!. That little green bag is usually open and contains my crystals and stones(shiny pretty things make me want to paint:D). Hoping it thunders again today:D!!!!Back to sketching:)

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