Monday, February 7, 2011

Over the bridge and into the woods...

Every once in the while, artists need references they can't get or find...what do you do? make your own:).
I just happen to be lucky enough to live in an enchanted forest! so into costume and out I went to get some photos.
Over the bridge and into the forest I go...

What a beautiful entrance!

posing is probably the hardest thing to do!!
Sometimes it's hard to take it seriously!

Ha ha! I'm not posing here, I was seriously cold!! turned out okay though:)

It ended up being really fun! this was my first attempt to do my own reference photos, besides just looking at the mirror to get face expressions right. It was a bit cold...okay REALLY cold but amazingly beautiful out there! I'd do it again, maybe in the summer though and get some friends to pose for me as well:).
I'm excited to see what I can do with these!!


  1. you're very brave! :D
    i miss snowy forests but i dont miss the cold!

  2. I'm not one for cold either:) but I'd miss the snow too!:)


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