Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Lost Machine

I just finished a new book which I got from my friend Richard A. Kirk who is also an amazing artist.
I thought I should mention it here on my little blog, because I LOVED it! and just had to share!.
The Lost Machine is a novella written and illustrated by Richard a.Kirk
Here's a little about the book taken from the site, because no matter how hard I try the description is way better from the site then anything I could ever write...basically all I can say is that I absolutely adore this book! it's one of those novels that is so descriptive, it's so easy to see it in your mind and you just can't put it down.
From the Lost Machine page:

In a wasteland ravaged by plague, Lumsden Moss steps out of a decaying prison. Armed with a satchel of yellowed notebooks containing the fragile memories of five murdered children, he is determined to track down and confront their killer. Lumsden accompanied by a stranger, begins a long journey to the vast City of Steps where he is forced to confront the horrors of the past and present.

“A crow, chased by smaller birds, rose from a wind sculpted tree. Twisted strands of grass emerged from the snow and rattled against the crust, but it was a person standing in the yard that caught his attention and set his heart racing. Moss looked over his shoulder. Going back inside was unthinkable. Seeing that the gates were loose, the locking mechanism brutalized, he shoved them outward. The dry hinges juddered, showering the bricks with rust that looked like flakes of dried blood.”

What Richard has succeeded in doing here is to draw a dark,strangely beautiful world—a world uniquely his own (which I would love to see more of by the way)... He has made his places real and his people breath.
Mike Mignola, award-winning creator/writer/artist of Hellboy

I can't wait till Richards new book comes out, So if your looking for a new book to check out, have a look at The Lost Machine:)
You can purchase the book here:Purchase The Lost Machine
Richard A. Kirk website(his amazing artworks!):

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